WooodTecq Ltd

Insurance backed 10 year Guarantee

T&C's apply.


When you have had a building company in and they have finished the works there is always the uncertainty of what happens if something goes wrong when the builders have left!


Well if you get your building works done by WoodTecq Ltd you would not have that uncertainty as we would provide you with a Insurance backed 10 year Guarantee (T&C's apply)  that would give you that piece of mind.


If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01708630087 / 07833661293 - Enquiries@woodtecq.co.uk

You would be issued with a completed printed and PDF copy of the certificate and the T&C's upon completion of the works and once the final payment has been received.

Please click on the PDF icon below to view the T&C's, Introduction, Wording, Terms, conditions and claims procedure